These six sections are the best homage we could ever make to our adored Afghan Hounds.

They came into our life through our dearest friend Cynthia Boissevain (Branwen), sharing with her an endless close friendship.

She has been my great teacher and taught me all I know about this wonderful breed and her other hounds like Irish Wolfhounds, Salukis, Greyhounds and Italian Greyhounds.

 I began into this breed in 1977 with some Cynthia’s Afghans, following her bloodline with loyalty, adding new blood through next years and listening carefullyto this great Lady’s advices. She was an excellent breeder and animal lover as well. As judge I have never known another one so strict as her. 100% honest judgements during all her life as judge (Cynthia’s now retired as judge).

Thousands of thanks, Cynthia, for all I have learned from you. It’s been a really marvelous experience. With all our love and friendship forever!

 In 1983 Tomas joined to my life and has always helped me in my breeding program.

From that year onwards Sumava belongs equally to both us and will follow that way forever!

 Another great dear friend of us, having shared ups and downs with us is Andrea Mayer (Saidia). We could spend so many unforgettable moments with this sensitive and fantastic Lady at her home in Cintruenigo, Spain. How could we forget you in these sections? It would be impossible! Lots of love to you too Andrea!

 We cannot forget another great friend so dear to us, Sue Virgo (Sumahari). Her home was wonderful for two of our Afghans: Amaya (Multi Special Bis and Bis winner, Am & Eng Ch Sumava’s Haidalla at Sumahari) and Diego (Sumava’s Hdjab at Sumahari). We will not be able to express all our gratefulness enough for such amount of love she gave to our couple of Afghans. Thanks a lot Sue, Mick and Mekyla. With all our love  to all of you!

 In our minds there is a place for other very dear people too that helped us so much in our Afghans breeding program. They would be impossible to forget: Christian and Dominique Danel (Tchekana). Without their great and constant help through many years our legacy would not be the same, and many of our great Afghans would not exist!

Thank you very much, Christian and Dominique. You’ll be always in our minds!


Juliette de Bairacli Levi (Turkuman). Another great friend. She was a true and wonderful Hippie to whom we dedicate this with admiration and love, and also to her marvelous Bell Murray typed Afghans. With all our love, Juliette, wherever you are!


We cannot forget our friends Roger Rechler and Michael Canalizo (Grandeur) neither. It was incredible for me when they sent Shirley (Shahrana of Grandeur) to us. So wonderful and adorable girl! It’s impossible to forget Shirley was really very important for our breeding program too. Her children inherited this special and wonderful temperament Shirley had. Many many thanks, Roger and Mike for this valuable help. A dream come true when I got the blood of Shirley’s father, your amazing Multi Special Bis & Bis winner, World, Int, Am Ch Blu Shah of Grandeur. You also will stay in our minds forever!

 And last but not least we dedicate this to other friends and/or owners of our Afghans as well that shared with us a great friendship: i.e.

Jacqueline Prudhomme, Rafa Lanz (Jatabe), Thierry Lamotte, Joâo Carlos and Ana Maria Nobrega. Thanks to all of them for their faith in Sumava’s bloodlines. Some of them continue our selection work and have showed and dedicated to that task a large part of their lifes.

 In our modern Persian cats breeding program the remembrance of our Afghans is still there as many of our Persians have Afghan’s names. Only one will never be used on any of our cats is the name of Huntress (our unforgettable and really beloved Sumava’s Sheen Huntress in the Desert). In spite of the adoration we felt always to all our Afghans, Huntress was the best that could ever happened to us in our Afghans breeding, and she’ll stay forever in our hearts in a very special way.

 We hope you enjoy this journey through these sections, sharing with us the unforgettable moments of Sumava’s Afghans and friends!


Very important warning:

The pictures accompanying these sections have been taken out from Sumava’s personal picture album collections. In order to get out of problems with the owners  you must know that no pictures can be used under any circumstance. We hope you to follow this statement downright.